Where are the plug markings located?
  • On the opposite side of the fuse holder. Male (end with prongs). Or on the package above the bar code near the product order code.
Can I cut the rope light or string set to make it a certain length?
  • NO! This will violate UL electrical safety standards.
Can I use my lights for longer than the Holiday season?
  • No. The trees and lights are intended for seasonal use only (90 days) at a time. Using the lights longer will cause shorter life and will void the warranty.
How do I change the fuses In my trees and lights?
  • Make sure the lights are not plugged in. Locate the fuse holder in the male end of the plug (the end with prongs). Carefully open the fuse holder by sliding in the direction of the arrow. Carefully pry the fuses out by the metal ends only with some tweezers or eyeglass screwdrivers. Replace both fuses with new ones and close the fuse holder cover. Plug in lights and see if they work.
If one bulb falls out of my ConstantON® light set, will the set stay lit?
  • Yes. This is the intention of the design.
What if I remove/break the fuse bulb from a ConstantON® set?
  • The set is damaged permanently and will not work.
Why are fuses so tight in the holder?
  • So they do not move around in the holder and cause an overheating condition.
Why can't I use my Hallmark Animated ornaments with ConstantON® Lights?
  • The special design of the bulb holder prevents anything other than the ConstantON® socket to be inserted.