Pre-lit Trees
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Can I add a blinking adapter to my GE pre-lit tree?
  • No. Extra electrical equipment such as a blinking adapter will cause fuses in the light sets to blow.
Can I add extra string sets to my GE pre-lit tree?
  • No. Extra electrical equipment such as string sets will cause fuses in the light sets to blow.
Can I buy direct from Nicolas Holiday Ltd.?
  • No. Nicolas Holiday Ltd. is a manufacturer and is only licensed to sell to retail outlets, not the general public.
Can I hang glass ornaments on the tree?
  • Yes, however, do not put them directly on the wires of the lights.
Can I make my tree taller?
  • No. The tree poles are designed to fit a particular tree and are not interchangeable.
Can I paint the light bulbs?
  • No. The manufacturer uses a special type of paint that is used for paint on the light bulbs.
Can I put blinking or flashing bulbs on my GE pre-lit tree?
  • No. The trees do not come with flashing or blinking bulbs. Flasher bulbs cause power surges, which may cause the fuses in the lights sets of your tree to blow out. It will void the manufacturer's warranty if flasher bulbs are put into the light sets on your GE pre-lit tree.
Can I put my GE pre-lit tree outside?
  • No. The trees are intended for indoor use only. Using the tree outdoors will void the warranty.
I have a GE pre-lit tree and I cannot locate the replacement bulbs and fuses. Where are they?
  • The packet is taped to one of the electrical cords, usually on the bottom row or the tree cord itself.
If one of the lights burns out will the branch row continue to stay lit?
  • Only with GE ConstantONĀ® lights. However, as soon as you notice a burned out or missing bulb it needs to be replaced so that extra current does not cause other bulbs to burn out faster.
My tree has colored/clear lights and I don't like it. Can I change out all the bulbs?
  • It is not recommended because it could cause damage to the lights if they are improperly removed from the socket.
Where can I find replacement bulbs for my new tree/lights?
  • Most retail outlets carry replacement bulbs for our trees and lights.
Why are the lowest set of branches smaller/shorter than the row above?
  • This is to enhance the appearance of the tree and is completely normal.
Why are the needles falling off my tree?
  • These are sheds produced from the trimming process at the factory. It is perfectly normal and the tree may continue to shed for a couple of years.